6 Myths about Working with a UX Writer

Ben Davies-Romano
8 min readJun 1, 2022

I have a confession to make. I’m a UX Writer, and I spend about 20% of my time writing copy for interfaces.

It’s not because I’m slacking and spending 80% of the time watching videos about what ended the dinosaurs on YouTube or arguing with that cis straight white male engineer on Twitter that pops up in every thread about imposter syndrome in start-ups, insisting that because he’s never experienced an issue, it’s firmly a you-problem. *Ahem*

It’s because I spend a lot of time on other things, and I think this is similar to a lot of UX Writers out there. Today, for example, I’ve spent time working on a localisation strategy, looking at roadmaps to figure out where I can add value over the next few months to the product teams I support, and putting together examples from social media apps to reference for an upcoming prototype. Yes, all of these have to do with words, but none involved writing directly.

This got me thinking — what other misconceptions might there be about UX Writers? Here are some from my side — and I’d love to hear about your experiences and personal UX Writing myths!

We spend all of our time writing words.

A pink rectangle with the phrase “If it’s not words, then I’m not interested” written on it in green letters.
Okurrr. (If you know what I’m parodying here, we should have lunch together and be friends.)

As I mentioned, today, I didn’t get much writing done.



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